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The next generation of targeted cancer therapies

About Tavros | A precision oncology company

Tavros Therapeutics is discovering and developing first-in-class, targeted cancer therapies. We are a science-first company and believe the future of cancer therapy lies in identifying how to best position drugs in the clinic through a deep understanding of drug biology. We use cutting-edge functional genomics technologies to uncover unique vulnerabilities within the tumor to discover context-specific cancer drugs, targets, and approaches. We are driven to make an impact on cancer by developing the next generation of targeted cancer therapies to dramatically improve outcomes for cancer patients.

An integrated functional genomics platform

We use a combination of functional and computational genomic approaches to discover a new generation of first-in-class precision cancer therapies specifically tailored to areas of high unmet clinical need.

Our Approach

Small molecule pipeline

Tavros is pursuing first-in-class small molecule inhibitors of undisclosed drug targets.

Drug discovery programs

We are using our drug-first functional genomics screening approach to pursue strategic, underserved areas in cancer biology.

Strategic partnerships

Collaborations and partnering of select Tavros owned IP/drugs. In 2020 Tavros signed a partnership with Zentalis Pharmaceuticals.

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