Expanding the possibilities in precision cancer treatment

Cancer is one of the most devastating and pervasive diseases of our time. Tavros aims to understand how cancer evolves in response to different selection pressures so we can better identify unique druggable vulnerabilities for high-unmet need patient populations. Our goal is to bring the right new drugs to the right patients to improve clinical trial success rates, patient outcomes, and quality of life. By harnessing the power of synthetic lethality, we can find druggable vulnerabilities opened up by “undruggable” tumor suppressor genes in the tumor and target them with small molecule precision medicines.


Synthetic lethality occurs when the loss of two or more genes results in cell death, whereas the loss of just one does not. In cancer cells, mutation or other alterations often lead to the loss or change of one of these genes, which may create tumor-specific vulnerabilities. Synthetic lethality in cancer treatment uses drugs to target these vulnerabilities, which are the result of genetic or pathological changes. This approach targets cancer cells’ inherent genetic weaknesses, allowing for highly precise cancer therapies. The result are treatments that are tailored to target specific testable alterations in patients’ tumors, leading to both more effective and less detrimental outcomes.



Our proprietary platform is also an internal discovery engine, building a highly innovative pipeline of small-molecule precision therapies for category-defining, groundbreaking treatments. We use our platform to identify novel drug targets for cancer and then develop first-in-class drugs towards them as part of our growing small wholly owned molecule pipeline and in partnership.